Tuesday 4th of April marks the beginning of HOME 2017, and we are proud to say that UN are opening the event at 03:30 PM to talk about the sustainable development goals.

An important part of UNs sustainable development agenda from 2015 is to protect the planet, and goal no. 13 is to: “Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts”. Climate change is a global challenge that effects everyone and doesn`t respect country boarders. The goal is set to be achieved within the next 15 years and to realize that, everyone has to do his or her part.


Our vision in HOME is to be a wizard of change. We want to inspire students to take action and responsibility in our common future and show that we care. We know that climate change is real, and that sustainability is a cause everyone is forced to take into account. Having UN talk about their sustainable development goals at the opening ceremony is the perfect kick off, and we hope it will motivate the listeners.


Be there or be square!

-Ragnhild Bårdsnes