Biotrem – tomorrows way of living



As part of our vision: To be a wizard of change, we have invited some inspiring people and companies to be our partners. We are proud to say that Tynecka and Pedersen, representing Biotrem in Norway, is a part of our growing team. Biotrem is a company that produces plates made out of water and wheat bran. You can actually eat the plates when you are finished with your meal, how exiting and environmental-friendly isn`t that?

The history of Biotrem goes all the way back to 1997, when Jerzy Wysocki built a prototype of a machine that makes wheat bran into plates. Jerzy saw the potential of bran, and how flour production waste actually could provide value. After several years of testing, one has mastered the production technology and patented the product.

Tynecka and Pedersen were the first ones to introduce the environmental-friendly products in Norway, and on Thursday we will serve tacos in Biotrem plates! Yay, sustainable taco days!

Thank you for sponsoring us!


– Ragnhild  Bårdsnes