«My little school in the school»

Interview with the associate professor Rune Bjerke, in the subject Event Management and sponsorship.

Rune Bjerke has a slightly different approach to teaching than the average teacher. Bjerke’s course is structured with theory and two additional events, the pupils can plan throughout the semester. The events are optional, but offers the opportunity to use the theory in practice, and a deeper understanding.

Bjerke has been a teacher since 1993 and has worked in both New Zealand and at the Norwegian Business School BI, before he ended up at Høyskolen Kristiania (formerly Markedshøyskolen) in 2004. He is determined that bringing the theory out in practice will contribute to better grades.
– I believe the only way to understand the meaning of things is through creation. To not just sit and listen in lectures, but to do and create something. I believe working in practise will increase theoretical understanding, which contributes to half a grade better on average. Meanwhile, I also believe students will be better prepared for life after school.


HOME is the name of one event the students will create. The purpose of the event will be together with World Health Day April 7, to focus on environment and health. United Nations Day marks the founding of the World Health Organization (WHO).
– HOME is an interdisciplinary project where we will try to put together different subjects and functions to work together with a common message about human health and the earth’s health. Students are given the opportunity to engage in their topic to influence other young people in society.

Bjerke hopes the practical part helps the students with motivation and learning. Before the semester began, he had expectations for the students taking his course.
– The entire process requires a lot of me as a lecturer, so I expect the same commitment from the students. However I also expect the students to understand and notice how difficult it is to plan and arrange an event. In the end I expect the students to learn when they encounter difficulties.

Truls Torp Ellingsen